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5 stars

My family comes to Tante’s Island Cuisine at least twice a month for the Shrimp Sari Sari!  We can’t get enough of  that award winning dish.  The service is excellent and the food is even better.  We highly recommend Tante’s Island Cuisine”  Kealoha Kitsuno

Kealoha Kitsuno
5 stars

Highly recommend Tante’s Island Cuisine for breakfast lunch and dinner!  All the dishes are wonderful and the service is friendly.”   Daniel Delouise

Daniel Delouise
5 stars

“Whenever my family has a birthday party we hold it at Tante’s Island Cuisine.  Tante really knows how to cater a private party.  Leave the menu and planning to Tante’s and you will be glad that you did!”   Cynthia Armand

Cynthia Armand